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    Complete Virtual Services Platform

    Edety provides the perfect combination of tools at your fingertips to take your live coaching business to the next level

    1-on-1 Consultations

    Offer 1-on-1 consultation using HD quality video conference. Have FREE sessions for your clients or collect payment before your clients can join a session. Allow your current active monthly subscribers to join sessions without requiring to pay first.

    Host live events

    Host events that are open to the public or events that are private and require an invitation. Host events that are free to attend or events that require payments before the user can join. Host events that last for just a few hours or events that extend for days, weeks, or months.

    Training course

    Create and market your real live training course. Each course can span days, weeks, months or even years with up to 100 people participating interactively in each session.

    Online meetings

    Host online, interactive meetings with HD video conference quality. Meeting invitees easily join your meeting with a simple click. All meetings are protected with a meeting password.

    Offer monthly subscription

    If your service is more suited to monthly subscriptions, our subscription feature enables your clients to pay and subscribe directly from your profile with zero hassle. Use this feature to offer special deals for clients that buy a monthly subscription.

    Schedule appointments

    Never miss a business opportunity when you allow your clients to schedule appointments with you at a time that’s convenient for everyone. Accept request with just a simple click, or decline an appointment when necessary and propose a new time.

    Invite references

    Having more references on your profile proportionally increases a potential client’s confidence to buy your service. Easily request your community to post a review and rate you on a scale of 1-5. The rating and review will be visible to your potential clients.

    Business profiles

    Create beautiful, professional profiles that inform your clients about the services you offer. If you plan to provide multiple services, you could choose to lump all services into a single profile or create various for each service provided.

    Vanity/ Custom URL

    Create your own unique, personalized web address, branded with your business name to help your audience reach you more quickly and easily. Create a URL for your business that is easy for your customers to remember like

    Cloud Storage

    Store all the business-critical files you need for your virtual services business securely in the cloud. Access your files easily from anywhere, anytime, and from any device while you are on the go. There is no limit to the number of files you can store in the cloud.

    Share files

    Securely share files between you and your clients. Our technology ensures that your files upload and download fast so that you can share files in no time and hassle-free.


    Upload your merchandise, documents, video files, audio files, pictures, or anything else you want into your catalog. You can control who can access items in your catalog. Advertise any unique product or service you might be offering.

    Video Chat

    Take your customer support to the next level by launching two-way, HD quality screensharing, with video, and voice to quickly solve problems for your clients right from your chat window. Easily upload documents for presentations while screen sharing.

    Live chat

    Stay connected with your leads, prospects, or clients with live chat. Increase the chances of making a sale when you can quickly answer questions from potential clients.

    Advertise in marketplace

    All of your profiles are automatically listed in edety’s global marketplace making your profiles searchable by potential clients all over the world.

    Onboard existing subscribers

    Quickly onboard all of your existing subscribers from another platform onto your edety account. Onboard subscribers even in the middle of the billing period. Change the status of a subscriber from active to inactive as you need.


    Combine artificial intelligence (AI) plus Business intelligence (BI) to analyze the performance of your virtual business across different dimensions. View results in simple-to-understand graphical reports that give you incredible insights that guide your future business strategies.


    Manage your leads, prospects, and clients using edety’s CRM. Understand your relationship and interactions with your entire audience to strategically plan your following actions and ensure you are maximizing business growth possibilities.

    24/7 Customer support

    Connect with edety customer support 24/7 for support. Please send us a message using chat, email, or the edety customer support profile found in the global marketplace.

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    One easy-to-use dashboard

    See and manage all of your upcoming events and appointments from one simple dashboard

    Leverage in-built intelligence

    Use in-built artificial and business intelligence for insights to learn how your business strategies are performing

    Start using Insights to make smart decisions


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    Transfer all your available funds into your PayPal account with just one simple click

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    Work with a CRM tool designed to enhance deep relationships with your clients that result in more business

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