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Thank you for visiting my profile.

My name is Jeff Walters, and I am a professional entrepreneur coach with 5 year(s) of experience working in this field.

As a professional entrepreneur coach, I am offering though this profile the following services:

1. You've got the vision- the dream- the next big idea. You just need to get it off the ground! But how? How will it all work? Is it doable? Is there a market for it? What does the marketing plan need to look like? Who will be your clients? It may seem overwhelming, but we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to guide you from dream to success!


Below, I have listed my education,training or qualifications relevant to the services I am offering as a entrepreneur:

1. Graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in 1991 with a B.A. Became a Certified Elite Life Coach in 2016.

Professional/Life Experiences

Below, I have also listed my professional experience or life experiences relevant to the services I am offering as a entrepreneur coach :

1. I have coached dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners to new levels of success across industries for nearly 30 years.

Free Sessions

I offer 1 free 1-on-1 session(s) with this profile.

If you are interested in having a free session with me, simply click on the green "Connect Now" button whenever I am online or schedule an appointment with me at your convenience.

Benefits Of This Profile

I have also listed below some of the direct benefits of this service to my clients and potential clients:

1. I won't just analyze your idea, I bring a holistic, authentic and human approach to coaching that focuses on not just the health of your business or business idea, but on you and your overall preparation for the roller coaster ride that is Entrepreneurship\/Business Ownership

My Availability

If you would like to have a 1-on-1, on-demand session with me, or schedule an appointment with me, my general hours of availability are listed below. Also, you can connect with me through chat if you have additional questions about the service I am offering.

Monday : 8:30-5:00 MST
Tuesday : 8:30-5:00 MST
Wednesday: 8:30-5:00 MST
Thursday : 8:30-5:00 MST
Friday : 8:30-5:00 MST
Saturday : by appointment
Sunday : by appointment


I bring a unique blend of business experience and expertise with an strong analytical slant, coupled with 30 years of adaptive sales and marketing expertise, along with a true caring perspective for the individual- the business owner as well. You won't just get a business plan from a guy with a suit and tie. You will also have a transformative experience with a caring coach who will roll up his sleeves and come alongside you to ensure that you're business ready to tackle the challenges that await you as a new business owner.

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Duration : 01:30:00

Offers 1 free session

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