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Event Start Date : 16-Sep-2021 01:30 PM CDT
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Anxiety coach or therapist? Many people wonder what the difference is between a life coach, or in our case a life coach specializing in anxiety, and a therapist, and they wonder which will benefit their needs the most. So, let’s unravel this a bit. Therapy vs Life Coaching A therapist is often a counselor or psychologist with either a Masters, Doctorate or Ph.D. in their field. They are licensed by their state to practice and are focused on long-term patients. Interestingly enough, many former therapists have left their profession and gone on to become Life Coaches. Life coaches are usually trained or experienced in their area of practice, often focusing on a niche, such as anxiety. They are encouraged to obtain certification, however, what they do is not regulated and does not require them to be certified. If you would like to learn more please join the Event See You There!

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User Reviews

Felipe Tucker

I was really worried that my anxiety would never go away but this person certainly proved me wrong

2020-12-17  (14:03:31)
Alden Lang

everything was just alright but I mean the coach should be more experienced

2020-11-02  (14:03:31)
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Jimmie Hart Anxiety Coach

Georgia, United States

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