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Event Start Date : 30-Dec-2021 10:20 AM CDT
Event End Date : 21-Jan-2022 08:02 AM CDT
Event Duration : 21 days
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Tuesday 09:02 AM - 11:02 AM CDT
Wednesday 09:02 AM - 11:02 AM CDT
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Friday 09:02 AM - 11:02 AM CDT
Saturday 09:02 AM - 11:02 AM CDT
Sunday 09:02 AM - 11:02 AM CDT
Meeting Day 09:02 AM - 11:02 AM CDT

Got a vacation planned for Spain? or Just want to learn a new and interesting language? Whatever the case may be I can help you out it. I am a certified Spanish language coach here to help you learn this amazing and wonderful language with its rich culture and traditions. Spanish originated in the Iberian Peninsula as a dialect of spoken Latin, which is today called “Vulgar Latin,” as opposed to the Classical Latin used in literature. The dialect of Spanish that we consider dominant in Europe is called Castellano or Castilian Spanish. During the Roman Empire, the Latin language was the official language on the peninsula (called “Hispania”), but it mixed with the local languages of the inhabitants, including Celts and Iberians, and began to take on its own unique flavor. This is where historians and linguists pinpoint the beginnings of the Spanish language as we know it today. So let's learn Spanish together!

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User Reviews

Estrella Fischer

The coach was remarkable in teaching me plus he was very patient with me

2020-10-05  (14:03:31)
Adonis Butler

Nice experience everything was really good

2020-11-11  (14:03:31)
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